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transit-based winnebago paseo

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based on an extended high roof transit:

worst feature: 72" bed, as a result of sleeping crosswise.

best features: screens for rear and side doors, and molded use of cubby space. slick:,compress&fit=max&h=670&q=60&w=1000&
overall, looks almost as good as skagistan's build. :D
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Crossfit is a knock off by forest river. Reg microwave, no convection. Loose DVD playing in a cabinet vs built in dvd/am/fm/bluetooth/etc. player. Generator on crossfit is about 6' off the ground. Cheaper cushions and curtains. Cheaper head. Ive not been impressed by FR products, YMMV.
I do not doubt that in the least. I have watched a couple of reviews and one of them basically said to do with the Coachman RV built on the Sprinter and actually mentioned the cabinets. But I am interested in a Transit for the extra headroom. Then again, one of the spec sheets for the Crossfit shows the interior height as 6'3", and that just won't do.

I really dislike the color and that huge chrome band down the side of the Paseo. Of course, I really want something a bit more customized anyway, and neither the Paseo nor the Crossfit has a long enough bed.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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