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transit-based winnebago paseo

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based on an extended high roof transit:

worst feature: 72" bed, as a result of sleeping crosswise.

best features: screens for rear and side doors, and molded use of cubby space. slick:,compress&fit=max&h=670&q=60&w=1000&
overall, looks almost as good as skagistan's build. :D
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Glad to see -- had been waiting to see what they came up with.

Floorplan is a little strange given Winnebago builds Class Bs on both Sprinter and ProMaster vans, and this one seems very different than those. Being narrower than PM and shorter than Sprinter, it's no surprise Winnebago came up with a Transit-specific floorplan.

Worst feature for me is no forward-facing seats at front. This probably was caused in part because driver seat doesn't swivel. The long bench on passenger side of dinette is also odd. While it's true one person can nap without having to convert dinette (and thus blocking rear doors and use of driver side for lounging), it seems to me that space could have been better used for storage and permanent counter space.

Overall it's nice but the huge price difference compared to ProMaster Travato will limit market share in my opinion.

P.S. -- Cantilevered awning front end will take time for me to adjust to.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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