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transit-based winnebago paseo

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based on an extended high roof transit:

worst feature: 72" bed, as a result of sleeping crosswise.

best features: screens for rear and side doors, and molded use of cubby space. slick:,compress&fit=max&h=670&q=60&w=1000&
overall, looks almost as good as skagistan's build. :D
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The Paseo was first, and recently, Coachman brought out the Crossfit.

The Crossfit has two visual advantages.

1. It comes in Blue Jeans

2. It lacks that stupid looking chrome bar

It also appears to be a little cheaper. Just thought I's add this to the discussion for anyone who is looking for a ready made Class B on the Transit platform.
What is the stupid looking chrome bar?

I note that they have not managed to get the awning far enough forward to give rain coverage to the open slider. Pretty sure that's due to the manufacturer's limitation on forward length unsupported.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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