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Transit 250 Medium Roof Short Wheelbase?

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Why is it pretty much impossible to locate a Transit 250 Wagon in Regular Wheelbase(short length) with a Medium or High Roof?
Found 2 2017 Transit 250 in Cargo Version with Medium Roof and Regular Wheelbase but no Wagon.
We plan on using as our personal Mobility Van and parking space will not allow for longer than the short wheelbase.
Any ideas? Places to check?
Our location is OKC, Oklahoma area, if that helps.
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"Thank you!" both for the information.
What had me confused is a local person has a 2015 Wagon that they said was Medium Roof and Short Wheelbase. It looked smaller than our 2003 Sprinter Passenger SHR 104" WB. Guess should of measured, must of been 148" cause found bunch Transit 350's within 50 miles.
I did same search online on size we wanted which never could find, this solves that question and problem.
Again, "Thank you!"
CrewVanMan, "Thank you!" I will go to their site and look. I kinda afraid of 150. Had a 1/2 Dodge van back in mid 90's that weight of wheelchair lift plus 2 full rehab powerchairs maxed out suspension to point of question of breakage/damage to suspension our DME felt needed it addressed by suspension shop. We had checked and found cheaper to just trade to 3/4 ton at that time.
Noticed the weight capacity on Transit 150 vs 250 is only 500lbs. Is this correct?
If that is all the difference kinda makes me think better go with Transit 350? But, if I read correctly Transit 350 with medium or high roof height that the minimum wheelbase is 148". Is that correct?
"Sorry" for odd and possible dumb questions.
"Thank you!"
CrewVanMan, Again, "Thank you!". We are still discussing what to do. Our Sprinter is 14 years old and that's longest we ever had a van but been putting off trading hoping to see now Transit coming to USA is worked out. Not happy at all that Dodge bailed on Sprinter.
Also, what we been told any Ford Dealership will do service/repairs on Transit? Not just "special" ones like we got with Dodge Sprinter.
We are not to happy to have a Dodge Ram Dealership here within 10 miles and currently have to drive anywhere from 40 to 90 miles one way for any work done.
"Thank you!"
Andre Jones. It will be used as a Personal Mobility Van with rear entry lift. Will have new lift installed so weight not sure on new models. Current lift is Ricon KlearVue Commercial Model weighs in at approx. 450lbs.
Powerchairs: Two Full Rehab powerchairs, Powered seating, tilt, recline, articulating footboard. Weight per powerchair appox 550lbs each.
People: Most always 3 total weight appox 650lbs.
Various DME equipment total weight appox 200lbs.

Total weight appox: 2400lbs.

Two front seats stay: Driver and Passenger
Bare from those through back doors.
Powerchairs secured one sideways behind driver seat facing side door and other just forward of lift in back doorway facing forward.
This been same setup with last 4 vans. Got away from side entry lift placement years ago due to parking issues being blocked from loading.

Biggest problem with Transit 350 is lenght. Parking tray built when home was built 8 years ago to fit 140" Wheelbase with overall van length of 222"
Plus 69" from bumper to end of wheelchair platform when deployed for load/unload powerchairs.
For total of 291" for parking tray plus turning room for powerchairs.
Tray is not wide enough to go back to side entry lift.
"Sorry" long winded but getting out there what we looking at for parking.

BTW: Can not add length to parking tray, 6' drop in front of curb and back end of tray a steep driveway.

Rode in 2016 Transit 350 Long Passenger Model with medium roof height. Loved it! Ride smooth, good vision from windows.
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"Thank you all!" We have an appointment next week with our lift shop to see specs on new lift and equipment.
Our family have been talking over options on Transit and still not decided but we appreciate ya'll providing information and advice.
The information, especially on specs on models, is alot clearer here than what we found on our own.
"Thank you!"
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