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Transit 250 Medium Roof Short Wheelbase?

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Why is it pretty much impossible to locate a Transit 250 Wagon in Regular Wheelbase(short length) with a Medium or High Roof?
Found 2 2017 Transit 250 in Cargo Version with Medium Roof and Regular Wheelbase but no Wagon.
We plan on using as our personal Mobility Van and parking space will not allow for longer than the short wheelbase.
Any ideas? Places to check?
Our location is OKC, Oklahoma area, if that helps.
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The 2017 Ford Transit Wagon that I have shown on this site with the power step is a T-150 130" WB Medium Roof Wagon. It is in Okmulgee, OK which is east of OKC heading down I-40 east to Hwy 75 North. Dealer name is Harlan Ford and my contact there is Duaine Janzen. I will send you his cell number via PM

Best to come up with the weight you will be adding to the rear of the T-150 wagon, then just make a trip to Dallas and see my friend at Standard Spring & Axle Company Inc at 2511 Hickory Street at S. Good Latimer Expressway. They can adjust the rear spring weight to compensate for the added weight by building extra links to your existing suspension. They do a lot of these for all kinds of heavy equipment.

Let me know if you want to go this route and I can get you their phone number. This is a family owned business and the 2 brothers have worked there their entire lives. Their Grandfather started the company back in 1918 and they do a lot of work for the City of Dallas. Dallas County, and a lot of heavy truck companies.
Best to go look and drive the Transit Wagon in Okmulgee, OK and see how you like it. It is a 8 passenger model so you can see how the seating arrangement looks and if you decide to remove seats for your use. Then if you can come up with a weight of the wheelchair lift and the other equipment, you might talk to Standard Spring and see what they can do to beef up the suspension for the added weight. They usually would want to see the Transit Wagon as it is now, take measurement heights and test weight on the body. Then they can come up with what needs to be done to add your equipment and keep the Transit at the stock height.

Call Duaine Janzen at the number I sent you and make a appointment to go see and drive it. That should help you make the right decisions on how to proceed.
The T-150 130" WB Transit Wagon in Okmulgee, OK is a 8 passenger model so you could just remove the 2 seats. You would already have the windows with factory trim and airbags on both sides.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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