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Trailer wiring provisions option

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I have a 2015 Ford Transit 150 with the $295 option "trailer light provisions".
I am trying to find the female 6 pin wiring harness to a 4 and/or 7 pin trailer light plug(s) offered through Ford.
I have a set of wires that run the length of the driver's side frame rail that end alongside the spare tire. There is a rounded rectangular plug with a protective cap that should be for plugging into to go straight to trailer light receptacles.
I am having a very hard time finding a dealer that can order the part I need.
I have pics of the plug and the plug cover.
Has anyone been able to find the part I need?
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These appear to be areas for the 2017 where FORD listened to it's consumers.

The new option of the high capacity upfitter switches with high spec interface connector includes the aux fuse box and modified vehicle wiring system. The aux fuse box includes the modified vehicle wiring... The heavy duty trailer tow package includes that tow/haul package.

Replaceable corrosion at that short of time wouldn't work for me, so I'm glad I won't be using this option
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