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I had a faulty TPMS sensor. It got damaged in a road hazard incident. I bought a new TPMS sensor and the TPMS-19 trigger tool ( ) on Amazon. Amazon red flagged the TPMS-19 and warned me it would not work on my Transit. For the record, they are full of crap. Replaced the sensor and enrolled four sensors (three OE, one new) into the van's receiver using the key/brake pedal routine and the TPMS-19. This works. If you install a sensor in your spare you can do a five tire rotation using this routine, you can also have winter tires/rims/sensors and swap them out using this. The hazard light calibration routine will not enroll a sensor. It will only sync your four previously enrolled sensors.

The trick:

1. Install Sensors - Properly install tire pressure sensors.
2. Tire Pressure - Confirm all tires are inflated to the pressure indicated on tire placard. (the tire placard is located on the door jam of your vehicle)
3. Eliminate Interference - To ensure the control unit memorizes the correct sensor ID, the vehicle with the new sensor must be at least 3 m. (10 ft.) from any other TPMS pressure sensor not installed on that vehicle.

Note: To enter the reset mode, Steps 2-6 MUST be completed within 60 seconds.
1. Drink your first beer.
2. Place the ignition in the off position.
3. Cycle the ignition from off to on three (3) times ending in the on
position- (i.e. the 3rd time you turn it to on, leave it there) DO NOT start the engine.
4. Press and release the brake pedal.
5. Turn the ignition to off-DO NOT remove the key.
6. Cycle the ignition from off to on three (3) times ending in on-DO NOT start the engine.
Note: If the reset mode has been entered successfully, the horn will sound once.
The TPMS indicator will flash and, if equipped, the message center will display
[TRAIN LF TIRE]. A double horn chirp indicates the need to repeat the procedure.
7. Place the Activation Tool on the left front tire wall at the valve stem and press the test button on the Activation Tool. The horn will sound briefly to indicate that the tire pressure sensor has been recognized by the TPMS module.
Note: Do not wait more than two (2) minutes between resetting each tire sensor or the system will timeout and the entire procedure will have to be repeated on all four wheels.
8. Place the Activation Tool on the right front tire wall at the valve stem
and press the test button on the Activation Tool. Repeat procedure for right rear and then for left rear tires.
9. When the tire training procedure is complete, the horn will sound once and the message center (if equipped) will display "TIRE TRAINING COMPLETE". If it doesn't tell you it's complete the horn will sound twice when you turn the key to off and you have to drink your second beer and start over. Ford TPMS kicks beer pong right in the taco.
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