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top 5 Aftermarket Tech Gadgets That need to add for your Ford transit van

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In this article, we are going to be looking at top 5 aftermarket car accessories that you must have for your Ford Transit , Enjoy reading.

Battery booster starter jumper cable
A good driver knows that at times, the battery gives in. You find that you cannot start up your car and this might course you some serious trouble if it goes off while you are far from home, or even in a traffic jam. Another scenario where you may need it is when you forget to switch off the lights of your car. With time, they will drain off your battery, and you will need help to start your car. In such times, the battery booster and jumper cable will save your day. All you need is to request another driver to help start your car using this emergency kit.

Hydraulic Car Jack
Every car owner will tell you that a hydraulic jack is a must have. This jack uses pressure to lift the weight of your car. You at least need a jack to change tires or to lift your car in case you need some repairs. Care should be taken while using a jack. You need to place in on a plywood and a stable surface to avoid injuring your car.

High-Speed Car Charger
In the modern life, you at least need to keep your devices on track. Smartphones and tablets do drain off power quickly especially when you are involved in lots communications. You need them to navigate to places you don’t know, to communicate with your friend circuit or even to play some games. This creates a need to keep your battery on power when need be. A high-speed car charger will come in handy as it will see to it that your devices are powered whenever you are on the move.

Mobile device holder with sanction cup
Any modern driver will tell you that this is a must have if you want to get everything in order while driving. It’s tricky to handle the phone with your hand and still operate the wheels, but with this mobile holder, your woes are long gone. This accessory holds your phone in place, removing all the troubles that come with looking for a place to place your phone while driving. It also has a sanction cup meaning you can stick it to any place that’s convenient to you.

Rear view camera
Having a car is one thing, but driving it well without causing damages is another. Usually, we often find our selves locked up in situations that we need help to reverse and drive off the car. Be it in parking or be it on the go. At times we have a helping hand to instruct us, but they are not always accurate as some may be amateurs. This implies that you need some other external help to help you navigate out of such situations. A rear view camera will save your day. These cameras are mounted on the back of your vehicle. They are also connected to a TFT display screen on the dashboard of your car. Anytime, you engage the reverse gear; they will give you a rear view of the situation. You will be able to see objects and approximate distances. Surely, this is a must have aftermarket car there is a backup camera integrated into third brake light house, that especially designed for Ford transit 2014 and above models.

The bottom line
While settling for these top 5 aftermarket car accessories, ensure you go for the best. Don’t let prices make you settle for a lesser product. After all, these are essential tools that will see you get out of an awkward situation.
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Ordered on 11/22 150 MR 148 with most options available. With Ford holiday factory shutdown it's not too optimistic that we will have the van by January end. So we started to look for a 250 with similar options alreay at a dealership - not much luck either.

We plan to use the van to go camping. Mostly at campsites that have water and electric hookup and facilities. So the must have for us are 1) Portable AC (~$500) and 2) Portable Heater (~$10) and 3) TV ($500) that can be connected to the site electric.

Has anyone already done these and can advice? TIA
a 2 hose 14000 BTU portable air conditioner seems to work well in an insulated van. (ford transit wagons/cargo vans have No insulation!)
Hi Michael - Per your message do you mean the AC referred won't work well in the cargo van? Should I buy a higher BTU?
what i am saying is the air conditioner works well IF the van is insulated, (you have to install insulation) none of the transit vans (wagon or cargo) come from the factory with insulation pre installed in them! (my walls are insulated with 1'' and 1/2'' of foil backed polyiso foam board, so it is very well insulated compared to some other peoples cargo vans!)
Michael - Thank you very much. Like to insulate my van as well. Is it easy to do? Instructions/Directions?
I would also suggest for all the Cargo Owners to add Hushmat or Dynamat to kill the sound from the road and reduce the heat helping your AC in the summer.

I chose Hushmat as it was rated as good as Dynamat at a much lower price. Many of the others have adhesion issues in extreme heat and less sound deadening abilities. This has made driving in the rain like my 2015 F350 Platinum (even quieter now than the truck) . I had to as I use the Bluetooth phone as I drive most of the time for work and people couldn't hear me well with all the background noise etc.
Thanks D1L. Would you post photos of your setup?
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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