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Tire sensor calibration.

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Just a quick note to let you know...

I've had false tire pressure alarms since I bought my Transit 250. I took it into the dealer and they did find that the tire sensors/computer needed calibration of sorts since the back tires take more pressure than the front.

Not sure why, but calibration needed to be done to ensure proper readings vs computer expectations.
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This is a joke. Tried the procedure today and via horn "chirps" the van said it was successful. got inside and still have "low tire" warning on dash. Drove for about 5min....still on. Recheck pressure in all 4 tires. Pressure was still at mfr recommendations. screw it...I'll drive with the idiot light on.

Tpms light came on about 5mi after tires were rotated (4 drive tires...never touched the spare)

Stayed on despite 2 attempts to calibrate. That was about 30k mi ago.

Today got 4 new tires. Again never touched spare.

Tire dealer couldn't get it off. Tried calibration when I got home using ford's method above...still on. All 4 tires at recommend pressure.

I'm done fooling with it. POS.

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