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Tire sensor calibration.

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Just a quick note to let you know...

I've had false tire pressure alarms since I bought my Transit 250. I took it into the dealer and they did find that the tire sensors/computer needed calibration of sorts since the back tires take more pressure than the front.

Not sure why, but calibration needed to be done to ensure proper readings vs computer expectations.
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Has anyone looked at this thing?

With that, assuming it works, and one of these,

assuming it's compatible, you have a $50, five minute solution to the five tire rotation issue.

I was not trying to read the spare pressure. Just wanted to have the pressure sensor system work with the spare in the rotation. The key is your statement that they do not turn on below 20 mph.

I will add a sensor to the spare and report the results.

I bought the black wheel option so all 5 wheels are black.

Let us know if those Amazon bits are correct for the Transit.
Ordered the calibration tool. It works.

Edit: With the caveat it will not learn in a new sensor. It does save you from the stupid air out routine.
Easy, just repeat the relearn procedure at every rotation. Adds 3 minutes to the job.
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There is some consensus things like GPS and DVD players can interfere with the receiver. If it is a bad sensor, you can get the TPMS-19 tool and, when the idiot light comes on, do a calibration. The tire that will not learn is the likely culprit.
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