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Tire sensor calibration.

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Just a quick note to let you know...

I've had false tire pressure alarms since I bought my Transit 250. I took it into the dealer and they did find that the tire sensors/computer needed calibration of sorts since the back tires take more pressure than the front.

Not sure why, but calibration needed to be done to ensure proper readings vs computer expectations.
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What a joke! I am too old to do a tire calibration as listed in the owners manual. They must be kidding. I would rather look at a error light that do a calibration. For me the TPMS warning will be on for 40,000 miles for every 50,000 miles driven anyway. I rotate all 5 tires and the spare does not have a sending unit. I bought the optional wheel covers option because then the wheels are painted black instead of silver. The spare is on a black wheel. So now I can rotate all 5 tires all are on black wheels.

I did manually check my tire pressures and they were inflated to the specification on the door frame. Van is empty so the rear tires should not be at 71 psi. I lowered the rear tire pressure to 60 psi and expected to see a warning light but did not. So the warning light is actuated when tire pressure is more than 10 psi low.
Does anyone know if Ford system will work with 5 sending units? I would add one to the spare if it would work.

I rotate all 5 tires so have the low tire pressure warning displayed full time. Not a problem except message hides other information from the display.
i don't think it will. But if you have a sensor mounted in your spare when you rotate it to the ground do a calibration and learned, The sensor in the spare will lie dormant since the wheel has to turn over 20mph to turn them on.

I was not trying to read the spare pressure. Just wanted to have the pressure sensor system work with the spare in the rotation. The key is your statement that they do not turn on below 20 mph.

I will add a sensor to the spare and report the results.

I bought the black wheel option so all 5 wheels are black.
Let us know if those Amazon bits are correct for the Transit.
I will buy the sensor from the Ford dealer and have them install it and reset the system.

Just rotate all 5 tires and have two dash lights telling me I am about to die and a message as well.

Been driving for over 60 years and never had TPSM before so ignore it.

Correction: Had TSPM in the sold 08 Sprinter but also rotated all 5 tires. Sprinter has a friendlier system. Just one warning light and a single beep on each startup.
I was told by a Ford dealer that you can not add a sensor to the spare. Has anyone added the 5th sensor and had the system work? I want to rotate the spare for three reasons: forces me to check the spare pressure every 7500 miles, more even tire wear with 5 tire rotation and longer time before tires need to be replaced.

I do not consider the TPMS system to be essential.
Post link? Searched but did not find.
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