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Tire sensor calibration.

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Just a quick note to let you know...

I've had false tire pressure alarms since I bought my Transit 250. I took it into the dealer and they did find that the tire sensors/computer needed calibration of sorts since the back tires take more pressure than the front.

Not sure why, but calibration needed to be done to ensure proper readings vs computer expectations.
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So just add a sensor or don't rotate in the spare. It's a spare and not meant to be used all the time. Is it really worth the system not working and saving a few dollars a year on a tire?
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I have a switch for my monitors. After about 20 minutes I'll get the error but I usually ignore it unless I'm on a long trip. Switch off and it goes away in a minute or less. The switch is the power to the monitor. Just turning off the monitor with its own power button won't work. Because of the Coils inside that emit the emf.

The tpms still works, though, because on torque I still get active tire pressure readings. The error is different than a flat tire message. There are 2 different errors. Ones a system error and one says sensor error. Both different from the actual low pressure error.

It's nothing to worry about. Walk around and check your tires.
1 - 4 of 40 Posts
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