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After getting the new van and the adaptations done for my wife's wheelchair she announces that she's ready for a road trip. (It's been 8 years or so since she's been away.) So we decided to drive from Pittsburgh to Florida to visit a nurse of hers who retired and moved with her husband to The Villages. We had a carrier we'd used years ago on former vans even though this van has a rear lift (unlike the old vans) which means we would have to take it off to get her out. (It swings away from the doors but that is only helpful without the lift.) We took two of her current nurses with us so there was three of us plus my wife in her large wheelchair. There still wasn't much room.

She also wanted more tint over her privacy glass so we made it as dark as possible and put dark tint over the back half of the front windows and a band across the windshield. We REALLY like it. I have tint on the front windows of my daily driver and sometimes it is hard to see around the corners going on to a dark street. It is also hard to see the mirrors sometimes. Leaving the front half of the windows un-tinted solves all that and still leaves a lot of sun protection.

We drove straight through up and back - about 16 hours each way. Comfort was O.K. Nothing to complain about really. Cruise control works very well. I like the way you can add or subtract mph in 1 mph increments. Took the miles-to-empty all the way down to 32 miles one time!

I guess my only complaint is that at 6'4" my right knee hits something hard next to or around the shift lever no matter where I put the seat. It seems better when I have the seat raised up all the way.


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