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Thoughts on the Van Der Moon Box?

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I have always imagined that I would build 8020 framed, bamboo-faced overhead cabinets. But I ran across these soft-ish cabinets from Poland and started to rethink that idea. I am seeing a lot of storage pockets inside and out, less head bumping above the bed (although I was thinking about only doing overheads above my feet), and a fast install.

I'd love to hear from folks who have real-world experience with overheads.

The only downside I could imagine would be using the zipper. Maybe not an issue for clothes you only access once in a while? The outside pockets don't seem very deep, even when the snap keepers are undone.

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These are very stylish, well made, durable and soft, which I like! However, the zipper, particularly on the longer 45" one, would seem a total PITA to unzip the whole length to access a single item. The ADV MULE bag on the other hand, has two zippers for their longer 48" one and they also roll up, instead of folding down...SO you can leave the Mule bags flaps un-zipped, rolled-up and out of the way to access items. Also, IF you had any slightly heavy of bulky items stored in the front pockets, I'd think the front door would even be more of a PITA to deal with,

I couldn't find any specs, but they also appear smaller than the Mule bags which are 14" x 14"

It's great to see some other options for these types of bags hit the market as I plan to get something like this.

Did you also also build out @Mauronic so you can install this type of bag?
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