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Thoughts on the Van Der Moon Box?

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I have always imagined that I would build 8020 framed, bamboo-faced overhead cabinets. But I ran across these soft-ish cabinets from Poland and started to rethink that idea. I am seeing a lot of storage pockets inside and out, less head bumping above the bed (although I was thinking about only doing overheads above my feet), and a fast install.

I'd love to hear from folks who have real-world experience with overheads.

The only downside I could imagine would be using the zipper. Maybe not an issue for clothes you only access once in a while? The outside pockets don't seem very deep, even when the snap keepers are undone.

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Those look really nice, and the soft sided, squeak-free design is pretty attractive. That method of storing gear doesn't attract me personally because I like to think in terms of more modular storage.

For example, if you occasionally stay at a hotel it's nice to have your clothes in a removeable case. That's also convenient at the start and end of a trip. If you have different types of adventures, or different family members use the van, it's also nice to have swappable bags. If you have a field kitchen in a bag this isn't the best way to store it. So, like many things, the use case matters.
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