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2020 MR 148, Ecoboost, Beluga white, more to come.
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Bought my 150 Cargo (148" MR) last month and already have 1100 on the ticker. It came from the dealer with shelving and a bulkhead already installed. I got limo tint put on the back windows and 30% on front sides.

I'm a general contractor that has lots of toys and materials that fit very nicely in this spacious new package. I am a GM and Honda guy by longtime habit and this is the third Ford I've ever owned. Hey GM! Get into the 21st Century!

Anywho, I want to upgrade the sound and I've chosen a Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS for the head unit. I'm looking forward to seeing my rear-view cam and a custom side-view cam in the 7" screen. I have fabbed a custom 10" subwoofer box that fits under the passenger seat (jack? I don't need no stinkin' jack) for the JL 10W1v3-2 pushed by a JBL 1200w amp. I'm choosing door speakers now. Can't decide between Polk and Alpine. I'm also fabbing a custom mount that fits in the little rubber holder to the right of the dash for a phone or tablet. I'll post pics as that comes along.

Next on the list is a 1200W inverter for running power tool chargers, etc. I'll have a second deep-cycle battery and an isolator for all that. Also I'm going to fab a sliding track for the bulkhead door so I don't lose floor space.

Last, but not least, there are no 18" wheels for this vehicle available stock in the US. I would love to have a set of TorqThrust on there but so far all I can find is some fairly good looking wheels from the UK. About $1200 with shipping - PLUS TIRES. Yikes.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the forums.


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