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Talked with Ryan Matt at Matt Ford today. So far, he had not received a 2017 Transit Order Guide and I have not received one from my Ford contact.

One thing Ryan stated is that he is looking to order two 2017 Transits on his initial order for stock or special orders. If anyone is interested in ordering a 2017 model close to May 9th opening orders, let him know your wishes and he can get it ordered for you. Understand that even though the start of the 2017 model production will be close to August 1st, the first retail units will probably not get build dates until September 1st or later. He is estimating that the VINs on the 2017 models will be issued sometime in June and then you will get a projected build date.

You can look at his dealership website, and see the Transit wagon and 2 Transit vans just built this past week. In looking at the window stickers for these units, they have loaded up on options that will assist the new owners in building their future travel/leisure Transit. I will be going to KC on April 28th and helping Glenn bring his Magnetic Metallic Transit van built on 4/11 back to Texas.

If you are still looking at ordering a 2016 model, you have 3 weeks to submit your order to a Ford dealer. Ryan just submitted a order this week and he has at least 3 more allocations left before the May 2nd cutoff date. If you need a 2016 Ford Transit Order Guide, sent me a PM with your name, zip code, and direct email and I will send it to you.

As soon as I get a copy of the 2017 Transit Order Guide, I will setup a new post with the information needed to get a copy of the guide.
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