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Why not consolidate awesome Transit photos into one place? Let's do it here. Post your shots!
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White and smoked acrylic

I wanted white for the temperature edge. The tinted Ford window vents coordinate well with the smoke colored Maxxfan. My only other exterior mod is a keyless entry pad on the rear window, down near the door handle.


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I flew into Seattle yesterday and when I called the Hotel for courtesy shuttle pick up this is what they sent over. View attachment 12050 That was my first time to actually see the inside of a wagon as opposed to the van and of course to ride in one also. And of course it's strange riding in the back seat instead of driving it myself.
Isn't there something wrong with those marker lights? Position WRT centering on van...?

EDIT -- After taking a fresh look at the forehead of my Transit, I can see that my perception here is wrong -- kind of an illusion based on the way the roof grooves are formed, along with the viewing angle in the photo.
The mighty Green Basterd! Complete with MacGrubered hammock set up for a remote stag party, and custom screen inserts for ventilation.
Nice job with those screens. I may be able to improve on the design. I had been thinking along these lines. I suggest three rigid layers instead of 2. The middle layer would be the thickness of the glass. by staggering the layers, that would allow you to effectively make a tongue and groove setup. The middle layer would extend upward at the top but would allow the glass to sit in between the outer layers at the bottom. Roll the window up to fit them snugly in place. I had figured on a much smaller screen three or four inches at the top that would be rain-protected by my window vent extensions. Using a powered fan would move plenty of air from there. I would think that something like this could be produced commercially.
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Transit does whitewater.

Perfect rack for the job!
the canoe does not work on my 148". Notice the gunnell blocks up forward and the cushions under the rear, both required to keep the boat off the metal. That was a one time canoe carry from my house to my son's. ...
Glad you said that. I didn't want to rain on your parade, but, that canoe setup looks like an accident waiting to happen -- sooner or later would have damaged your van. And, the kayak setup, I'd be concerned about the bow strap over the hood, rubbing through paint.
Could someone post pics of the bare inside of a 148 standard cargo van? Delivery is soon and I'd like to start to get a handle on cable / hose routing and cabinet design.

Here's one that give some insight into possible cable routing. Note end of blue conduit tube showing at upper left.

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Finally got my Quigley going on

Ronal R44 alloys w/BFG 245/75r16
That's a good look.

And, it shows that white really is the best color!
T350 box truck

Brand new, and awaiting branding. Looka the rear overhang! -- looking like a school bus, or Class A. I peaked inside, and could see an Utz potato chip box. So, I guess it could work.


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