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I test drove a 2016 250 3.5EB -High Roof- Extended today-

2 days ago drove a 2015 3.5EB -350 High Roof Extended-
single rear wheel

Both were very quick and handled well -

The 250 had slightly more boaty feeling than 350 but still Very Good -
250 was Much smoother over speed bumps and rough road -

the 250 was in the far rear lot so I walked over and checked it out
without salesman -was unlocked so I checked out inside -

One thing I noticed was the rear step made a Loud snapping sound
when I stepped on it -
for a second thought something broke so I stepped on different spots
on the step and each time it made the snapping sound -

I think the plastic on the top of the step had not been completely
snapped in place because after stepping in several places the snapping
sound stopped and felt solid --

I was hoping that the rear door on the 2016 would have a better
inside door release but it is the same as 2015 -

On both Transits that I have driven sticker lists
Method of Transport - Convoy -( Im in Texas)-
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