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Temperature and and heating mode controls reversed

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We had a customer's 2016 Ford Transit Connect in at our shop to replace the heater core with a new one. This required taking the whole dash out. Afterwards, the customer observed that the control knobs are reversed. That is, the knob that is supposed to change the mode (defrost, face vent only, floor vent only, etc.) controls the temperature - and the knob that is supposed to change the temperature changes the mode. The plugs under the dash are different shapes, so it wouldn't be possible to plug the one control in where the other one should go. We hooked it up to a scan tool but there were no problems it detected.

Any idea what to look at?
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Hi, I'm an automotive HVAC engineer in Detroit, didn't work on that HVAC but I'd suggest you check the wiring harness on the HVAC module. The connectors to the actuators might be reversed. We usually design them with Poke-Yoke so they cannot be plugged into the wrong one, but maybe it was done poorly on that HVAC
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