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Tax, registration and insurance on DIY conversion

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I like the size of the Sprinters, particularly the 24V and 24G
arrangements, or the Airstream Interstate EL or the Roadtrek EL with 4
captain's chairs and a couch, but am seriously put off by maintenance
and service issues in some of the remote areas I might want to travel
in, although the dealer 2 miles from my house who services my Toyotas
also does Sprinters.

I actually only found out about the Transit while test driving a Thor
Axis, which is a 24' class A on an E-450 chassis. It felt quite bulky.

When I checked out Ford's new eurovan (Transit) I was immediately
enthralled by the LWB EL HR wagon with the Ecotec engine. I really like
the stealth look of the Sprinter true Bs that have the full passenger

Since I will almost certainly retire next June, I am not sure if I want
to wait until Roadtrek or Winnebago or PW comes out with one. I also
know the Transit is 2ft. shorter than the el MB. To get what I want (I
will post a separate message on that), I may have to go DIY or custom.

Which brings up issues regarding taxes, registration and parking

A true motorhome or a fully self-contained live-aboard vehicle
usually qualifies for the mortgage deduction. Does a DIY conversion

As far as I can tell, motorhomes in Michigan are titled the same as
a regular automobile, so I guess the tax deduction would be the same
as on my other automobiles. Anybody from Michigan who knows this
from past tax returns?

I really have no idea here. I just spent a couple of hours with my
insurance guy yesterday but did not think to ask him. Since I like
the full glass I would initially insure it as a 15 passenger or
12 passenger since that is what the title would say. I wish it were
easier to find out about the seating configurations. Then there are
the 2 wagon options that delete lots of stuff aft of the B pillar.
Anybody from Michigan with experience on this?

When I almost bought a Class A before figuring I wanted more of a
touring coach that I could live in rather than a spacious motorHOME, I
found that my corner lot gives me three front yards, so I cannot park
a motorhome on my driveway, which meant I would have had to break the
curb and put in a 60' driveway to a pad. They said if it was small
enough that it could be driven everyday (and if it looked more like a
passenger vehicle) that I could park it on the drive, which is another
reason I am looking at the Transit.

Any help or experience will be welcomed.
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