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talked with a colleague today about his transit

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Long story short my friend bought a Promaster last year this same time (tax's before 1st of year) I had talked with him in August how he liked it. He said it had good points, but felt cheap. I let him know I was gonna order a transit, he said, ya he would have but he needed the pro right away for his locksmith biz. Ran into him today, he has this shiz eatin grin on his face and asks if I got mine yet? Nope. he then laughs and says he got his Dec 29. hr regular length. no ford touch etc. He now has on his fleet a pro and a transit, he told me not to get too anxious and cancel the transit for a promaster, he said yup, it is that much better, do your self a favor and wait.

Kinda neat to be able to talk to one person that owns em both!
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