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talked with a colleague today about his transit

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Long story short my friend bought a Promaster last year this same time (tax's before 1st of year) I had talked with him in August how he liked it. He said it had good points, but felt cheap. I let him know I was gonna order a transit, he said, ya he would have but he needed the pro right away for his locksmith biz. Ran into him today, he has this shiz eatin grin on his face and asks if I got mine yet? Nope. he then laughs and says he got his Dec 29. hr regular length. no ford touch etc. He now has on his fleet a pro and a transit, he told me not to get too anxious and cancel the transit for a promaster, he said yup, it is that much better, do your self a favor and wait.

Kinda neat to be able to talk to one person that owns em both!
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Reviving the dead is magic, and thus magic is REAL and God is a lie!

Also, even though I bought a Transit, the Sprinter IS nicer, drives better, is quieter, etc. But it's too **** expensive for someone in my socio-economic class to justify owning when there are other options such as the Transit or DucatoMaster. New Transit at $26k is more practical than a new Sprinter at $42k.
to each his own. Having test driven the 2016 Sprinter, in my opinion it's much nicer than the Transit or ProCato. But it's just not WORTH almost twice as much as a new Transit (people who paid close to sticker for their Transit, I'm sorry, you were ripped off). We can debate how durable or reliable the Sprinter is, but there are MANY people who have zero issues in over 200k miles. And some who had breakdowns with less than 20k. Same with the Transit. I think the people who don't know how to drive or didn't read the manual for their vehicle are the ones having early problems.

If I had to buy another van tomorrow, it would be a Transit. But not because I think they're better, or want to support Merikuns who assemble foreign made parts, but because it's the best value for the money. In a few years when I cash out of the real estate, I might get another Sprinter. But there might be something else in the market by then, too. The Hyundai is looking pretty good. Or maybe Ford will offer a plug in hybrid Transit.
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Something I read today: Volvo will not make any more any straight gas/diesel cars starting 2019. They will only build and sell full electric or hybrid cars. Doesn't Ford own Volvo?

Anyway, this is the start. Many other car companies will be doing the same. Looks good for a hybrid Transit in the nearer future.
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