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I am moving away from considering a RV as the industry has in my onion earned a ^&*$ reputation for service after the sale. I was thinking of a T250 MR 148"WB and outfitting it. Now I thinking the same T250 but going with a Teardrop [email protected] which would allow me different (multiple) use for the inside of the Transit and pulling our traveling quarters behind us. If I outfitted the T250 I would have still pulled a small box trailer behind me. So cost on cost I think the [email protected] makes sense. Has anyone out there done the same or similar??? The [email protected] ( comes in with a curb weight of 1,700 lbs and are nicely engineered, make great use of space and are loaded with features. The curb weight would also reduce the towing weight and perhaps make me more comfortable with the 5.7 / 3.73 combo as I have had a bad experience with the Ecoboost before. Can anyone shed some light on what I could expect MPG both towing and not towing? If your not happy with the 5.7L that would be nice to know too. Thanks
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