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Sync Radio Display

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How do i control the brightness of the sync display, or turn it off.

Once i have selected a station, playlist or even silence, i would like to turn off the sync display.

I have not discovered how to do this or even a hint that this is possible.

At night, i turn down the brightness on the dash lights, but the sync is just as bright as daytime, i'm left stuffing a hat over the display just to prevent it from impacting my night vision.

I'm hoping the collective wisdom of this forum can point out this missing bit of info.

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vnehess, isn't there a printed manual in your glove box?
I don't believe there is any control that will dim the display.
On p. 290/461 (not sure if this is the unit in question) the illustration shows a button just right of top center labeled:

"C DISP: Press this button to switch the display screen off."

Ford TRANSIT 2015 Owner's Manual (Page 290 of 461)

The next few pages show more complicated radios which do not appear to have any way of dimming the display.

FWIW I guess . . .
. . .

In fact the manual is in the truck, perhaps that will serve to dim the display, by placing it directly in front of the screen :^)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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