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Sync module

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I want to add the Sync module to my Transit. Does anyone know where the module is located and does it require the purchase of a cable or does the existing wiring harness have the appropriate connector?
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Not that I'm the expert, but I think the question you wanted to ask is "what's a good aftermarket radio with bluetooth?"
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I would assume that adding any computerized hardware and then making it communicate on the CAN bus will range from difficult to impossible.

It may not even be possible to get the part if the vehicle didn't come with it from the factory unless you use a VIN from a vehicle that has the option you are seeking.
I can download the Ford IDS software and I have the OBD interface tool. I can also ask the dealer for assistance adding the module to my vehicle. Best case I'll update you guys with a tutorial. Worst case I'll give you guys a good story.

I checked out the Parrot and really don't want to go that route. Don't want anything stuck on my dash -- would like to keep things looking factory/sano.
Sync sucks. That being said, what is your current radio? If you have the "prep package" ill trade ya my sync for it!
Not sure what it's called. It's the single cd with AM/FM. I can upload a pic of the faceplate tomorrow.
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I would like to know about the progress you made. I own a Transit Connect and would like to upgrade to the SYNC 2 module too.
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