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Swivel Seat

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Has anyone found a good swivel that will work in the Transit?
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Rondo got some swivel bases from Europe and was waiting on his Transit to arrive to see if they worked. I couldn't find a followup to see if they worked.
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Anyone put a swivel on passenger seat in a Wagon having rear heater under passedger seat?

Semper Fi

We did.
I think all I've posted about it is in this thread. No issues. Our swivel had a much smaller hole than some I've seen in this thread. I had to splice the occupancy switch and the latch squeaked a bit for awhile. But other than that it works fine. (We do have to move the center console to turn the seat)
I've read of a few instances of the swivel base most seem to have used ( of having a bit of a wobble. Can anyone who has installed one of these chime in about whether they have a wobble issue after using the swivel for a while?
We put one from Van Tracks on the passenger seat.

My wife, 5'4", doesn't like to ride with the seat all the way back as the swivel lock handle digs into the back of her leg. When I ride there, 6'4", 230, I don't notice.

It's pretty solid. By putting the seat all the way forward or back -- and/or in full recline (with the most leverage when all the way back and fully reclined), you can get some stress on the mount. There is some play in the joint. There's always play in load-bearing bearings. The bearings in the swivel are substantial but they aren't precision bearings. I expect failure at some point (I'm not a passenger much.) It's been installed almost 2 years (22 months).

I note, that the gentle flex in the mount smooths out some of the highway thumps when in full recline and trying to sleep. :)

And BTW, it appears that there are two renditions of the swivel. Mine has a small opening, about 2 1/2". I've seen photos of others with a large 6"ish hole. I would think the geometry would influence the bearing design and the load.

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