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Switch Blanks

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I have two factory switches, one on either side of the steering column. The switch on the left controls the Traction Control System. The switch on the right controls the heated mirrors. Each side also has a switch blank, a cover where an additional switch could be installed. I popped out one of the blanks thinking I could order a factory switch and use it to control a pair of fog lights. To my surprise the switch blank had a plug with 4 wires attached. The other switch blank was just that, blank. No plug. No wires. Does anybody know what these wires are for? Possibly wired to a relay?


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Thanks for resurrecting this thread. I recently bought the defroster switch (cheaper than the others) to use to turn on/off my rear view camera. I already put an aftermarket switch under the steering column near the fuse box to control the rear cargo lights, but I wanted a switch that would fit in the dash space. Was wondering where I could get a harness to fit the switch, now I know.
I pulled the blank out under my TCS switch and it's completely blank. Bummer.

Any indication on the switch you bought as to the switch contact current rating?
Just curious about how much current these switches can handle?
Sorry, I don't know. I'll look and see if there's any info written on it or the plastic bag it came in if I still have it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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