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Switch Blanks

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I have two factory switches, one on either side of the steering column. The switch on the left controls the Traction Control System. The switch on the right controls the heated mirrors. Each side also has a switch blank, a cover where an additional switch could be installed. I popped out one of the blanks thinking I could order a factory switch and use it to control a pair of fog lights. To my surprise the switch blank had a plug with 4 wires attached. The other switch blank was just that, blank. No plug. No wires. Does anybody know what these wires are for? Possibly wired to a relay?


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Like CVM said. If the wiring is on the blank on the left, it would turn off, temporarily, the beeping sound, if the rear sensors had detected something (like if you were backing up with a trailer etc). It would automatically reset next time you turned on the ignition. If you don't have the rear sensors, don't know if they are actually connected to anything or if it was just cheaper to make all the dash areas similar.

You can put your own type / color of switch in one of those blanks, to control whatever you want. Doesn't have to be a factory switch. I have a round, green illuminated switch in the one above my heated mirror control (to control the rear fog lamp).

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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