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Success and Failure depends on your Goals

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“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” —Pablo Picasso

Setting your goals is just like setting your diet chart. If you keep a proper diet chart it would keep you healthy, fit and happy, same goes with your goals. Be very cautious when you set your goals because setting wrong goals will ruin your future prospect. No matter whatever your ambition is, whatever your dreams are always set goals. For becoming successful in life you have no choice other than setting goals. In this article I am not going to lecture on how to set goals because you already know that better than me. Here are some tips to help you achieve your Goals.

  1. Jot down: The first thing to do while you set your goals is to write them down in a notebook. Now, selecting what are your goals is not an easy job, you need to think and rethink quite many times before you actually fix them. Remember the goals you set must be relevant to your passion in life, also try to keep in mind that you have limited time to actually achieve your goals. So be wise when you select your goals.

  1. Map your Goals: Once you have written down your goals, map them. It is smart to put more important goals on the priority list and other goals aside. Sort your goals according to their importance. You can do one thing, write your goals in small chits and put them on two boxes. Name one box first priority and the other second priority. Now from the first priority box arrange your goals chronologically. This will help you to strategize according and make your work easier.

  1. Be Realistic: People who are extremely passionate about their work tend to set unrealistic goals. Make sure you set goals which are achievable, if you become too much ambitious in setting your goals then it would hamper your progress. Also, try to order your goals according to their difficulty level. It is smarter to keep easily available goals at first followed by comparatively harder ones. Once you start achieving the easier goals, you will get enough confidence to achieve the harder ones.

  1. Disciplined: The Key to earn success in any field of Passion is to stay disciplined. I know it sounds cliché but trust me it is true. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper diet, proper rest and proper care. If you don’t maintain a healthy diet it would be very difficult for you to stay healthy because some goals require extensive hard work.

  1. Daily Planner: After you have sorted out your important goals, make a plan to achieve each goal. Now put those tasks on daily planner so that each day you can near to your dream. If you already have a very busy work schedule, you can even follow a Weekly Planner. When you complete all tasks that you have planned to do on a day, you will make much progress in the path of your passion. Some tasks will require more than one day to complete. It is better to put those tasks in your weekly plans. The best way to maintain a planner is to go for a mixed strategy of days and weeks.

  1. Bull’s Eye: You have to focus on your goals like bull’s eye. There is no backing off when you started achieving your goals. See, when you plan to reach the top, you have to make a lot of compromises and sacrifices. It’s not that you would achieve success on the first chance for each goal but don’t give up. For completing some of your goals you need to work more than once. Never give up, always keep one thing success is your only target and don’t stop before you get success.

  1. Don’t Copy: Each and every type of Passion require different set of goals and different types of tasks. Even if you are having the same passion as another person, the goal setting must be different. You see every human on Earth has a different working speed and the progress level vary. If you are following Mr. P’s goal then who knows you might actually ruin your prospects. Always be intuitive and creative about your goals, this would help you to get famous soon.

  1. Take Rest: It is often seen that when people get too much ambitious about their goals, they forget to eat, to take breaks and rest. Don’t do this, always keep one thing in mind your health comes first. If you don’t take enough rest, the progress will fall gradually and as a result you won’t achieve your goals at the right time. So, take breaks from your task schedule sometimes and sleep for at least 6hours a day.

  1. Be Happy: The secret to achieve success in any field is to stay happy. As I mentioned it earlier that you might not succeed all tasks on the first go but don’t punish yourself for being unsuccessful. Sometimes you will feel depressed and it’s totally normal. Go to watch a movie, catch up with your friends on regular intervals. Enjoy these little moments of life to stay happy all the time. Also, keep some “Me-Time” for yourself, buy gifts for yourself when you achieve a goal. This will keep you happy and motivated.

  1. Never Stop Dreaming: The world would stop being creative if you stop dreaming. Creations are the manifestation of nature, the circle of life depends on it. So be creative, dream a bigger dream every day. I know this might sound philosophical but dreaming is very important if you want to achieve your goals. So dear friend Keep Dreaming!!

It all narrows down to one thing, Choose your Goals wisely to prosper in Life and any other aspect. It may be your business, may be your dream job or may be your destiny. Your goals matter a lot. I know you have so much potential in you that would make you the best of your working field, just keep trying friend. If you face any problem in achieving your passion, download MeVero to change your life. We promise you to stay by your side until you reach the peak.