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Steel Tent Fan Here

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Been traveling up & down the East coast in Ford Vans for decades. Converted a beat up '72 Econoline cargo van, then got an '85 Club Wagon XLT, then a '92 Chateau, tried to love an F150 4X4, but reverted to an '04 Chateau.

Was extremely disappointed that Ford axed the European FWD & 6 speed manual Transits. Then disappointed even more by the huge delay & wait to see anything other than white empty cargo Transits. Am still ticked off that Ford created all the Connect-Transit confusion.

Have been very tempted by ProMaster, but Ram has similarly disappointed. Even though Ram beat Transit to dealerships, Ford put Transit Wagons up for sale first. Saw my 1st by end of April at Enterprise rental. ProMaster still doesn't have a passenger/window van, can't even get a headliner.

Searched hard & wide for a loaded EcoBoost Wagon w/sliding door after seeing a few Wagons on the road that weren't white. Unfortunately it was like Scratch Off Lotto tickets. Found 2 that were quite close, not favorite color, w/o some wanted options & within 500 miles, but both were swapped out to other dealers before I could pull trigger.

Expect I'll just have to order, wait & pay the premium for custom order.
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I'm sure many will chime in. If you have the time, you should expect to pay any more than invoice less any rebates or incentives offered at the time of delivery.

If you haven't noticed, there is wealth of info and experience here. I'm likely in your same boat, so I spend a great deal of enjoyable time lurking on here while I dial in what's or how's.

Welcome and good luck!
Expect I'll just have to order, wait & pay the premium for custom order.
Not true if you know how to buy. No penalty for ordering and most likely it will save you money. Dealer does not need to finance your purchase so less cost to them.
The complaint is they are selling too well?

I paid invoice less discounts and no delivery charge for an ordered van.
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I think the biggest issue with a factory order, is waiting times until delivery. I just ordered mine a week ago.

Van Williams
So many options and ways to configure these vans, most dealers don't have crystal balls to know what you want and have it waiting on the lot for you. White vans sell mostly to business and generally don't need many options so are easy to move.

Order it the way you want it. Worth the wait.

Understand most dealer's priorities, however when you search all of New England, West to MI & South to VA there's a reasonable expectation that some dealers would have a loaded, All The Way, Transit Wagon in stock that wasn't white.

Problem is that the Wagons didn't begin to appear until late in the model year & the first were mostly white for fleet buyers. I'd given up holding my breath waiting to hear from local dealers when they'd become available. Thought it was reasonable to expect local Ford commercial truck salesman to want to sell me one. Then was surprised to see my 1st Wagon sitting in a Enterprise rental lot.
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