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Specs for electrical infrastructure & gear appreciated

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Still kicking the tires. I have a black hole of information regarding specs for electrical to run stuff in the van

The goal is to be at least two days in the middle of nowhere, running off the self-contained grid. Not sure about solar yet because I'm leaning towards a roof rack that I can stand on to use as photography platform.

How do I select batteries; and associated supporting gear to power the list below

Minimum equipment:

Microwave - on demand use only
Cube fridge/freezer - on all the time during trips
computer - ~3 hours per day (edit photos)
heater - on demand

still in the maybe group

Sat dish/rcvr

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I have a hammer style crimper that goes to 6/0. It works great with a 10lb sledge on a concrete surface.

You can get all your cables at a welding supply including the terminals. This isn't rocket science. The crimper was 29 bucks, I think.
those crimpers you hit with a hammer make low quality crimps that often get hot and cause voltage drops because many people can not hit them hard enough, some kind of pliers crimper makes it almost idiot proof! (also there is no such thing as 6/0, it goes from 4/0 to 250 MCM and on up!)
I can hit it plenty hard with a ten lb sledge. It crimps great and makes a nice tight connection. No overheating, no problems. The price and size of giant pliers type crimpers is an issue for most people whereas the hammer style is small and easy to ship and store.

You're right about the gauge. It's #6-3 /0 max.
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