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Sound Deadening the Cab -- dos and don'ts?

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Hi guys!
Been reading these forums for a year and finally joined. I've searched these forums and heaven't really found an answer for eliminating noise inside the cab -- so I figured I'd start a thread. if this is covered already and has been answered will someone please link me the thread?

I'm converting my 2018 transit to be a mobile recording studio-- so when I sound deadened the back I figured it would make a big difference in road noise. It did not. I also want to upgrade the wheels and tires to something more beefy so I know the road noise will just get worse. This is a problem.

Since I bought swivel seats from scopel and i have to take out the seats anyway i figured I Would just take out all the trim to the metal and sound deaden that with some butyl and 1/4" closed cell foam. I also got some of the wheel well liners for the front exterior wheel wells, and plan to deaden those as well.

I also have a bunch of thinsulate but don't really know if that's overkill or it will even fit on the cab floor. Maybe i'll save it for the back.

Basically I'm on a mission to make the cab as quiet as possible. Any and all suggestions would be great. Thanks for reading this much

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A lot of people have tried to use sound dampening to quiet the road noise and have failed. Someone reported a reduction by about half when they went to extremes, but that's about it.

I'd recommend you only do recordings while parked with the engine off. Interior baffles and dampening are key to reducing interior noise, stuffing the walls with insulation but still having hard surfaces exposed inside won't do a lot. Build the back like an isolation booth.

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We installed Thinsulate behind the door panels, under the seat pedestals and around/on top of the battery as well as under the step well trim. We noticed a significant reduction in road/tire noise. No other noise reduction materials were used. The more thorough you can be with installing Thinsulate, the better the noise reduction will be.

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I used a combo of noico and thinsulate. Not an inexpensive endeavor but it has made a large difference in road noise and expect it to get even better when the walls go up. I’m going to try and pull up the front flooring and noico that area also when I get a chance. Doesn’t act a quiet as a Lexus but a heck of a lot quieter than it was bare.
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