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You know I'm a regular over on the Sprinter-Source and the Ram Promaster forums, as well as the Yahoo groups pertaining to the Sprinter RVs Winnebago makes.

What I'm not seeing on here concerning the diesel engine is reports of CEL's, NOX sensor failures, DPF & EGR issues and the likes from owners so far unless I've missed a report or 2 out there.

This has been an ongoing problem for the NCV3 Sprinter V6's from day one, and still is, but admittedly the numbers are going down, (software updates helping?). Seems less so with the new 4cyl model.
The BIG discussions over on the Sprinter themed forums is the biodiesel subject and the fact that they are not supposed to run over B5 bio, which MB doesn't seem to be addressing at all for their owners that are very concerned about this issue, (I'm not the least bit). Lots of mis-information out there on this which is being pushed by so called experts that claim, run over B5, lose your warranty. (read the facts folks)

Also with the recent intro of the ProMaster diesel last fall, the reports of these issues are rampant over there too.

I think this speaks well for Ford's engineering on this engine in preparation for the North American market, and B20 capable.....

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Thanks for the reminder that even with the different gripes we have about this and that, so far we aren't having to leave our vans for weeks at a time having them serviced and repaired!
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