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I spent over a year planning this build out and another 6 months painstakingly building every detail before my fiance and I lived/worked in for 6 months traveling the Pacific Northwest back in 2016. Since then, I daily drive and use it for multiday adventures. I'm only selling this because we now have 2 kids and build another more family friendly version of this van (same components as these are all proven, different layout) Asking $49,000 OBO

The insulation is top notch and you'll be surprised how cool it stays in the summer and warm in the winter. I just added the Webasto heater this fall and sleeping at the ski resorts has been awesome. It pulls from the gas tank, so you never have to think about it. The insulation works so well, I never felt the need for it before, but when you're hanging out before bed it's nice to crank it up and have a few drinks.

· 2016 Ford Transit, Long, High Roof, EcoBoost 3.5, 93xxx miles
· True Limit Slip Differential – This with snow tires makes this thing great in the snow, including steep muddy FS roads. Don’t mess around with electronic traction control like on Sprinters. This is ultimately why I went with the Ford
· Sync 3 infotainment, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, Navigation, backup camera. etc
· Lane keeper Assist – helpful if you’re not used to driving large vehicles
· All maintenance done ahead of schedule, including trans service

· 315 Watt LG Solar Panel
· 3 x 100 ampHR sealed AGM batteries
· Midnight Solar MPPT charge controller – programmed with battery temp monitoring
· 2000 Watt inverter
· Isotherm Cruise EL 85 Elegance SS 12V refrigerator/freezer – YES, ice-cream in MOAB. 12V is a better, but more expensive option. Traditional 120V fridge will waste ~25% more power due to inverter loss.
· 16 LED lights (4 separate switches)
· Maxxair Deluxe Fan – remote open/close, blow or suck, temp control, run in the rain
· 4 USB wall outlets (plus 2 on the inverter)
· Battery isolator – engine will charge house batteries without possibility of draining the starter battery

· Newly installed (Nov ’19) Webasto gasoline heater – pulls from fuel tank, set and forget
· Refrigerator/freezer – see above
· Custom butcher block counter
· SS hand pump sink (no problems with freezing, like electrical pumps)
· Custom birch ply cabinets with storage
· Slide out dual burner Coleman propane stove
· Passenger swivel seat
· Driver seat modified to accept swivel (I did not like driving with the added height of the swivel, so removed it. But 4 bolts and you can put a swivel on)

· Custom cedar tongue & groove interior panels – you’d be surprised how much it cuts down on smells
· Queen size memory foam mattress
· Professional spray foam insulation – best no compromise van insulation, closed cell and dampens road noise
· Sound matt under spray foam
· Floor insulated with closed cell foam board
· Very durable GarageX flooring
· Removable bench seat (originally had 4 drawers and a storage box/seat, wouldn’t be too hard to go back to that)
· Custom window covers
· Custom wrapped landscape wallpaper

· Fully light
· Movable bike hangers – holds 2 easily or 4 snug
· Modular ski rack – remove in summer for extra single sleeping spot or easier access to storage boxes
· Tool box & bike pump storage built in
· Chemical/accessory storage
· Extra water storage
· Full size propane tank – no need for specialty filling, ability to swap at any gas station 24/7



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A few more pics!











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Price drop to $49k. Do some social distancing in style!

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Thanks! Its actually from the start of Doctors Park near Crested Butte CO
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