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Solar System Setup for Transit

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There seems to be a fair bit of discussion on Solar System setups (panels, batteries, cabling, mounting, etc) throughout many of the threads on this forum. Rather than wading though all the build threads, perhaps we can consolidate & share info on solar/electrical system design/setup for those looking to power their VANlife. Here's a few items to get it started:

> Considerations/design criteria/application for your system
> Rack/mount system, materials/products used, and attachment method to van
> Solar Panels (watts, size, other considerations for choice, etc)
> Cabling (type, wire gage, connector types, routing/roof entry point, etc)
> Charge Controller & monitoring system (product, where mounted, etc)
> Battery Bank (Amp*hour, battery brand, dimensions, where mounted, etc)

What did I miss? Fire away!
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I installed two 160 watt renology panels on Thule Bars along with an awning setup. It is solid. After initial drive, there was a good bit of wind noise, so I installed the longest thule ferring that I could buy. The ferring pretty much reduced all the wind noise.

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