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Solar, roof vent, fridge and battery questions

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So I'm planning to install a Fantastic Vent next week, and wire in a portable 100w solar panel. Additionally, I'll install a 12v socket for an Edgestar fridge we're moving over from our Vanagon. I have the double battery setup, and was planning on wiring the fuse panel for all electrical gizmos to the starting bank until I install a house bank.

1. Will the fused charge controller and fused panel protect the gizmos from blowing, or do I need another inline fuse in there as well?
2. Is it okay to solar charge the starting bank, and does it matter which battery to connect it to?
3. Should I just go ahead and grab a deep cycle house battery and build my install around that?

Additional considerations:
1. Future electric requirements are pretty basic. Lights, fridge, fan, propex heater, and 12v charging for devices. Maybe a 12v TV if we get crazy.
2. We're in GA, with an imminent move to NV, then a move to the PNW 2-3 years after that.
3. We're pretty low maintenance and tend to favor simple, but safe, solutions.
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get a fuse box from a trailer supply or r.v. store and mount it near the house battery. Fuse each positive line (lights, refrigerator, fan) as it leaves the battery. this will protect your system from short circuits etc. There should also be a large fuse on the wire coming off the battery. Don't underestimate the power in a 12 v dc battery, it can melt insulation and even start fires if not protected.
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