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Solar Panel and Schematic suggestions

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I'm looking for input on a solar system I'm planning for my 2021 Transit.
I have done some research and am heading in the following direction
I'll use about 80 amp hours per day and want about 2 days of storage. I'll use solar, alternator, and shore power to charge my system.
I would like to use a single 400 Watt Solar panel on my van to simplify my install, connections etc. - Does anyone have any concerns with going with a single panel vs 4 separate panels? I am looking at the Solaria panel. Does anyone have experience with this panel or suggestions for an alternative panel?

Also, I have been looking at the various sites for van builders and their electrical schematics. I'm thinking of using the solar schematic from
Any concerns with this site or alternate suggestions.

Thanks for any input
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solar panels now are basically the same -
higher watt is Mostly because panel size is Bigger -
1 or 2% higher panel efficiency will be hard to see in output -

build quality can be slightly better - maybe better trace connections -
some panels have better (bigger/thicker ) framing -

from what I have seen - what breaks most often on panels is the Back Flow Diode -
these are easy and cheap to replace if needed -

Cheap solar Charge controllers is what seem to break most often
in systems

buying Good solar charge controller is good investment -
ease of use - easy read - easy adjustment - Safety - this is important -

Ive been using Victron solar charger every day for 7 years -
has worked Flawless -
reacts to clouds instantly -
having solar charger react to clouds Fast is where efficiency gains
can be made -
One pretty expensive brand I have seen takes several minutes after
cloud cover to readjust - this can cause Big losses in output # -

Victron phone app is real Good
Easy to use and adjust - works every time -

Once setup really no need to mess with settings again -
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