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Skype & Sync 3

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While making or receiving Skype call after few seconds SYNC 3 throws message "call ended" and SYNC 3 audio stops. However call is still active on Galaxy s7 edge but the only way to get audio back is to switch to phone speaker/headset.
Does anyone else experience the same issue. Is there a solution?
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Does this happen over bluetooth only or when you are connected via USB as well?
Does not matter. It happens in any case.
If you iniate the call or answer a call on the phone and not the Sync 3 interface that is probably what is causing the ptoblem. In that circumstance the phone thinks you want to exit the vehicle interface.
No. It is not related to where call was initiated or answered from.
It just does not work as it should.
My van is at upfitter shop and I' m planning to go to dealer as soon as I get it back. Do not really expect dealer will resolve it but will go anyway.
The reason I was asking is that is sounds like a bluetooth connectivity issue, if it were a process that the Sync 3 system was initiating you'd expect the call to end as well, not for it to continue on while the car has disconnected/ended the call.

It might be worth it to try this one thing. Turn bluetooth off on your phone so that there is no way it is attempting to talk to the headhunt wirelessly, and then connect via USB and see what happens.

Often, even if you have a USB connection bluetooth will be used as the primary transport medium for audio between the phone and the car for phone calls of any kind. So without bluetooth being explicitly turned off you may be plugged into USB but your device is still attempting to handle calls over BT.
Thanks I will try that, as soon as I get my van from uppfitter.
Van is 700 miles away at Morehead Design Lab. :)
I' ve updated Sync 3 to latest version and Skype is properly working now.
I do not see skype as application on Sync applications screen. Outgoing Skype calls need to be initiated from the phone but I can answer incoming Skype calls from Sync3 screen.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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