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HERE IT IS, the mostly completed DIY #vanlife conversion you’ve been looking for. Tell your friends and family you’ve been building it out for a while, and add the finishing touches YOU want.

This van is TURN-KEY ready to go camping (for a family of 4!!) and can be sold with everything you need to travel. Looking for luxury? This is not it; you will not be on the cover of #Vanlife Magazine drinking your latte in this van. But it is a down-and-dirty conversion, ready to hit the road today.

2017 Ford Transit 350 XLT, 52,900 miles. Passenger model with 4 seats. Work done:
  • Factory floor and seats removed. Polyiso insulation, plywood subfloor and vinyl tongue and groove
  • Rear seats rearranged – two seats are available in the second row, but could easily be removed
  • Factory ceiling removed – polyiso insulation and shiplap secured to ceiling ribs
  • Queen-sized fixed bed; small kitchen; futon; under-bed storage; solar panels and generator; custom-fitted magnetic reflectix curtains
  • The van currently has 2 x 110W flexible solar panels that are stored in the rear of the van (not permanently fixed to roof).
  • Bluetti EB150 Solar Generator. The all-in-one solar generator, along with fuse block, create a simple solar system with 1500Wh capacity; use the fan, fridge, lights, and charge your devices for days without needing a recharge.
  • All electronics (fridge, fan, lights) hard-wired into a Blue Sea fuse block; fuse block plugs into the EB150’s cigarette lighter
  • MaxxFan Deluxe fan added in rear
  • 12V LED puck lights added above sink and hard-wired to fuse block; more lights could easily be added
  • Sink with foot pump; tubing / connections not quite complete, so tubes run directly into fresh and gray water jugs (5L military-grade) located below sink. Sink complete with fitted cutting board and drying rack.
  • Extra counterspace fits a Coleman two-burner camping grill, which sits on shelf just below counter. Additional storage area under counter for food.
  • Dometic CFX3-55IM 12V refrigerator is the perfect upgrade from a cooler; easily fits a few days of food, and stays at designated temperature with minimal power usage. Bluetooth-enabled with small ice maker.
  • Large bed permanently fixed in the rear; bed is just under queen-sized
  • Slide out futon can be extended for more sleeping space; perfect for kids
  • Custom foam blocks convert rear bench seat to additional bed suitable for smaller child




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