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Seat Covers etc.

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My Transit is a work Van and already getting my seats dirty, Looked at the auto parts stores, I cant find any that fit, anyone?? also... I removed both back door panels to find the right had the plastic vapor barrier and the left side did not have it. Dealer told me they can't order this and to use my own plastic to "Make it right" REALLY?
Also I have the upfitter switches, I located the harness that supplies the switches the power under the drivers seat to the right of the battery. it is a female harness so I went to the dealer to get the male to it so I could ad my stuff to them... I was told it is not available just yet (Maybe in a month) so I am just going to cut the harness off and splice into the wiring. I am working on a detailed review of the Transit, give me another thousand miles or so and it will be posted.... One thing right now.... The Adrain Steel partition is super easy to install yourself, The 2 sides go into pre threaded holes all you have to do is install your own plusnuts on the floor and roofline, here is the place I bought the plusnuts and tool to install them.
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Yes I can recline the seat some, even with the seat all the way back.
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