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Seam/Weld Quality

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Hadn't really thought to inspect the welds/seams of my van that closely before taking possession, but I was looking at the seams that run from the roof down to the back of the van (on either side above the rear doors). The weld/seam seems a little large and not real clean, so I stepped up on the rear step and noticed even worse welds/seams about a foot from the back of the van. Images below.

Curious if others have seen similar type welds/seams on their vans/wagons and if anyone thinks this would be problem long term? I don't like the roughness inherit in these seams/welds as they seem (no pun intended) as places where water/dirt/grime can get trapped and cause issues if not routinely cleaned.

Left side, roof to back side seam/weld:

Left side roof:

Right side roof:
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Mine looks awful, too. And there are drips/runs that weren't cleaned off, just painted over. I also had a water leak which turned out to be through a crack in the paint over one of the roof plugs. All of the plugs got a dose of Dicor. Figured sooner or later others would leak and not be noticed after insulating.
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