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Seam/Weld Quality

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Hadn't really thought to inspect the welds/seams of my van that closely before taking possession, but I was looking at the seams that run from the roof down to the back of the van (on either side above the rear doors). The weld/seam seems a little large and not real clean, so I stepped up on the rear step and noticed even worse welds/seams about a foot from the back of the van. Images below.

Curious if others have seen similar type welds/seams on their vans/wagons and if anyone thinks this would be problem long term? I don't like the roughness inherit in these seams/welds as they seem (no pun intended) as places where water/dirt/grime can get trapped and cause issues if not routinely cleaned.

Left side, roof to back side seam/weld:

Left side roof:

Right side roof:
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It's hard to believe such sloppy/careless/inconsistent looking seem sealing will reliably prevent water from leaking in.

Had seen the poor sealing inside Transit, but never looked at roof.

Ford could probably save money by training workers to do a better job using less caulking.

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it's worth inspecting before water intrudes.
Sloppiest, least consistent robot I've ever seen. IMO pics show an excess of caulking, very poorly applied - whether by semiskilled labor or robot.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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