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Howdy...first post.

I have bought and lost a few scuff plate (side door(s)) and sill plate (rear doors) screw caps. Part number CK4Z-4273-DC. These things run approximately $4.65 - 6.00 each! If you cannot pick them up at a parts counter, every dealer/OEM parts house/e-bay seller wants about $12.00 for shipping. Price is a blow on the bruise for a part that does not fit particularly well.

After buying a number of Ford clips and pins on Amazon. I found these 20mm (13/16") plugs as a great alternative.

Required trimming out one side opening and making two slits down the sides with a utility knife as the plug has two compression openings the OEM screw caps have three. Result seems to be a better fit and in my opinion looks better and if I have to get either plate out again will be able to remove easier with less marring.

Pictured are both in the scuff plate. Plug on the left, OEM screw cap on the right.

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