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If you found yourself in the states, which VAN BUILD RELATED item(s) would you buy/order to bring back to Canada with the intention of saving money???( I’m flying so it has to fit in a suitcase)
I’ve already picked up the Vancillary Shelf kit. Anything else?

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Cartons of cigarettes.

Once upon a time, people would stop at Costco in Bellingham WA and buy a case of cigarettes, sell them to a corner market in Vancouver for 5x what they paid, and fund part of their trip.

Maybe things have changed.
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Syma x5 sw Drone
In the past I would've never bought a Drone but then my sister's friend gave me this cheap Drone , took it home and played with it and was instantly addicted as it's so much fun , at first I barely new how to fly it and I didn't read no instructions and kept trying to fly it anyway trying to learn by trial and error.
Every time I hit the throttle it would take off like a bat out of **** fly about 50 feet and then crash into the grass.
I had to go chase it down and retrieve and do it all over again and again.
It finally took off and landed on top of some guys buisness , I went and got a ladder and long telescoping pole to get it down.
I then stopped flying and looked up a YouTube video of a guy giving a tutorial of this specific Drone.
After I watched video I realized it needed tuned so I followed the directions on the video of tuning and it was pretty simple and I started having much more control over it.
You can down load a app to your Smartphone that enables you to view the Drones camera image on your phone while flying.
The remote controller has a mount to mount your phone.
This Drone is about $50
There's videos on YouTube that give you a idea
of what there like.
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