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Samlex inverters

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I'm in the market for a 1000 watt inverter and looking at Samlex. It seems that they have 3 series; SSW, PST and SA. The SSW looks like a price point product to compete with other Chinese stuff. Probably won't choose that. I'm having trouble distinguishing between the other two. The PST is a 120V device with DC input range of 10.7V-16.5V. The SA is a 110V device (switch adjustable to 100V or 120V)with DC input range of 10.5V-15V. My concern is that the high cutoff of the SA of 15V could be a problem when the alternator is really putting out or when the weather is cold and the solar is cranked up. Anyone have any experience with the SA who can allay my concern? Price is about the same for the PST and SA. Dunno the target market for each.
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In reading the spec sheets for the SA vs. PST it seems to me the SA is superior. The operating temperature range is not as good on the SA however, so if doing the cold climate thing the PST may be the choice. Dimensionally the SA seemed better, more efficient converting DC/AC, the 2000w surge for 3s vs. < 8ms, sleep mode. I don't know the history of these products nor have I used them. It seems to me the SA might be the newer or more high end product.
I came to the same conclusions. I'm hoping that someone who has actually used the SA can tell me whether the thing has cut off from overvoltage.

And, yes, Michael, I've read the same about the Chinese made Xantrex.
I looked at Morningstar, but it seems that their only inverter is the 300 watt SureSine.
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