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Safety Questions

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Hey all!

I recently got a 2015 HR/EL that I started converting, and it came with a safety partition as it was a work truck before. I want to replace it with a DIY-partial wall to drastically improve space and add functionality/homey-ness. But I'm having second thoughts, mainly because of safety.

In terms of collisions, the partition will provide separation from flying tools/toys. However, the discussion online mainly revolves around work trucks though, and the few camper-type articles are relatively shallow thought-wise.

I'm hoping to see your opinions on what you did, what you would change, or if you ever felt unsafe?

much thanks!
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I bought a used work van with the partition and left it in place. I had to cut out part of it above the doorway to improve the clearance for getting through it. I leave it open when it's parked in my driveway, so people can see that it's not a work van with a bunch of tools in it. When I am sleeping in it, it can be closed and covered so light does not get out (for stealth). I am also toying with the idea of devising some interior locks so that the whole back can be locked up independently from the front.
Having the partition does mean that you cannot mount a swiveling seat...
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