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There are a handful of people here that put one in a camper van with myself being one of them, Most people here want swivel seats and you can not have swivel seats with a partition.
My camper is more of a portable motel room with a queen bed and a refrigerator, Microwave and a audio/video system too. I did not need a lot of storage under the bed so the foot of the bed is low enough to the floor to make good seating for two people. With a 60"X 80" bed it is a little cramped in the van but all we really do is sleep in it.
Ranger contoured partition with glass window, I removed the glass and the front ac in the cab lines up perfectly with the window to blow cool air into the back of the van.
This is the partition I bought, There are many different kinds of partitions in this catalog that fit the transit.

1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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