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Safe location for undermount propane

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I just got this 10 gallon tank delivered from Amazon.

I'd like to mount it on the curb side under the slider step for stealth and weight distribution, but it's only 3-4 inches from the muffler. Seems like it should be enough space to protect it from heat but then again, kablooie. Think it's a bad idea?
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I copied Stan's install of the Manchester tank on the driver side. He has a good write up about it on his build thread. I used the same tank and the same install method and the tank fits great. I did put my gray water tank under the slider. I didn't really want a propane tank so close to the muffler. But with that being said I think it could be done. My gray water tank ends up about an inch from the muffler. To protect it I did wrap my muffler and exhaust with header tape which pretty much keeps any heat from coming off the muffler. As an added measurement I put a piece of heat shield material on the tank to absorb any heat. Mostly there in case something were to happen to the header tape.
It looks good but I would worry about it hanging from the cross braces. I don't think they are very strong. I think they are more for adding stability to the main frame rails to give it rigidity. I followed Stan's lead and basically hung the tank from the vans floor. The bolts go down through the support rails but the weight is all carried from the floor of the van. That's in addition to the metal brackets I put on the floor to distribute the load even better across the vans floor.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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