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Safe location for undermount propane

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I just got this 10 gallon tank delivered from Amazon.

I'd like to mount it on the curb side under the slider step for stealth and weight distribution, but it's only 3-4 inches from the muffler. Seems like it should be enough space to protect it from heat but then again, kablooie. Think it's a bad idea?
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Before you go running gas lines I'd take it to your propane dealer and see if they can fill it. I'm going the easy route and using 20lb bottles that I can easily get. My enclosure is being built to NFPA code which, when done correctly, makes the enclosure part of the exterior, (vapor tight to the interior and vented to the exterior). I'm actually planning to have two enclosures, one for my live tank and one for a second tank that will spend it's non travel time outside hooked up to the BBQ, Camp Chef and Lantern.
Did you build your tank compartment? Do you have photos?
FWIW, we use propane for cooking and hot water. Refillable 1lb bottles last us for a 5-9 day trip each. We carry 4, they weigh nothing, store inside and don't scare me to death like a 20lb tank hanging from the frame rails would.
Excellent to know as this is what I am considering except I'll have induction cooking so I'll only need it for hot water for washing dishes and personal hygiene - perhaps an occasional shower - otherwise washcloth and hair washing under the sink faucet. I dont like the waste generated by the 1 lb cylinders though. Do you know of any recycling program?
Installed my DOT propane tank where spare tire was.

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do you now carry the spare on a rack on the rear hitch? Which tank is this? Size etc. Thanks
Hence the "refillable" part of my post. Been using these for the last 12 months. 6-Pack 1lb Refillable Camping Propane Tank Cylinder 16.4 oz Bottle Ships Empty | eBay
I as hoping not to have to get involved in the refilling - is this something you can have someone else do?
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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